Iran to participate at the Nairobi International Cultural Festival Returns for its 9th Edition in June 2024
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The Cultural Council of the Embassy of Iran Nairobi will participate at the 2024 Nairobi International Cultural Festival. The festival established in 2013, quickly rose to prominence as a leading international cultural event in the city. With the active participation of over 20 embassies, High Commissions, NGOs, and sponsors.

The festival is a gateway to various opportunities in the commercial, social, and political spheres for all involved parties. Organizers and participants are convinced that fostering cultural exchange, promoting diversity, and embracing differences can contribute significantly to global harmony and peaceful coexistence.

The primary aim of this Day of Cultural Expressions is to provide a platform for countries represented in Kenya, either through their embassy or cultural institution, to come together and present their unique cultural heritage. This initiative allows both local and international visitors to appreciate the depth of diversity while also highlighting commonalities and shared goals.

The event’s objectives are clear:

    1. To introduce lesser-known countries, cultures, and people to the Kenyan and international public, fostering better understanding and appreciation.
    1. To encourage intercultural dialogue, communication, tolerance, and mutual development.
    1. To facilitate the exchange of cultural, social, and economic practices among participating countries.
    1. To promote cultural tourism and enhance cross-cultural experiences.

The 9th edition of Nairobi International Cultural Festival returns on June 8th at the National Museum of Kenya . Activities at the festival will include exhibitions where countries showcase their cultural heritage and national products, performances highlighting various aspects of culture and history, and entertainment for all age groups. The target audience is broad, encompassing both local residents and international visitors, with an expected turnout of around 8000 individuals.