Irreplaceable capacities in Latin America and Africa
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We strongly believe that synergy with African and Latin American countries is beneficial for all parties.
On the first day of the new year, in the huge gathering of pilgrims and residents of Razavi Shrine, while emphasizing the defeat of the enemies in isolating Iran, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution said: “The enemy wanted to isolate us, the efforts and capabilities of the Iranian nation made us able to participate in some of the important regional treaties and become an effective member; We did not become isolated, on the contrary, we came forward and our relations with the governments of the region and the nations of the region were strengthened. Strong connections with Africa and Latin America are among our definite plans and, God willing, we will follow this plan. Of course, we are not angry with Europe either; We are ready to work with any European countries and European governments that do not blindly follow American policies.”
The fact of the matter is that in the field of foreign relations, identifying the potential and similar capacities and redefining relations and cooperation with them is considered one of the most important secrets of success. This rule is prominent and true regarding Africa and Latin America. In Central and South America, classical and neo-colonialists have tried hard to break the spirit of resistance against imperialism and make liberal democracy a dominant model of governance in this region. From American democrats and republicans to European social democrats and conservatives, in recent decades, they have tried many times to digest the cultural, social and political relations of Latin America in the constants and ideas of Western power, but Latin America has consciously rejected the domination of America and Europe. Over the decades, countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua have become symbols of resistance against American threats, sanctions, and failed coups. Resistance against the hegemony of America and its allies has become a “value” from a “desirability” in Central and South America, and this issue is very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran.
It has reached a point where, according to Western analysts and strategists, Latin America, especially after humanity’s transition to the 20th century, has become a symbol of the joint failure of governments in America, and in this regard, there is no difference between Bush Jr., Obama, Trump, and Biden.
In Africa, the nature of the efforts of the enemies of the independence and self-sufficiency of this continent is similar to that of Latin America, with the difference that the new imperialism is trying to reduce the poverty of the African people (which is the result of the looting of their God-given resources by the West), as a pressure lever to “impose an invading culture”. use. For years, the countries of this region, both Muslim and non-Muslim countries, have been subjected to continuous cultural, security and political attacks by the United States and some European countries.
The emergence of terrorist groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram and al-Shabaab in parts of Africa and NATO’s insistence on the spread of public insecurity in Libya and Sudan are examples of the brazen efforts of Africa’s enemies to repeat and reproduce the bitter history of colonialism in this continent. Despite this, the recent action of the African Union in suspending the observer membership of the occupying Jerusalem regime and expelling the relevant delegation at the 36th meeting of the Union shows the new approaches and independent decisions of these countries. In an environment where we witness the integration of various nations based on common values such as “resistance” and people’s avoidance of “dominionism”, “forced and counter-cultural transformations”, Iran’s synergy with Africa and Latin America becomes more imperative and important; Especially if we know that competitors and opponents are trying to expand their presence in these areas in various ways.
We strongly believe that synergy with African and Latin American countries is beneficial for all parties.
Certainly, the inherent desire of the socialist chain formed in Latin America (which was known as America’s backyard for a long time) in cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the valuable cultural, civilizational, economic and political capacities of African countries in cooperation with our country (as an irreplaceable power in the western region) Asia) should not be ignored. In the course of years of cultural activity of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the geographical area of Latin America and Africa and the resulting results, there are many evidences of the great importance of this cooperation, which shows the necessity of developing the presence in these regions.
In any case, our strategic connection with Latin America and African players is an example of our balanced foreign policy on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is considered a factor to curb the interventionism and hegemony of enemies in various regions of the world. This synergy will definitely provide the opportunity to create new and collective ideas with the aim of achieving unique joint opportunities (in all dimensions); Exactly what the West is afraid of in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Source: Hamshahri newspaper