Scholarships for non – Iranian Students

Scholarships for non – Iranian Students

A) The secretariat of international student admission is located in the international student office in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to carry out all the admission and recruitment processes.

B) Acceptance of applicants without a scholarship in all courses and disciplines is possible if they receive admission from the university and pay the tuition fees approved by the university.

The average tuition fee for various fields and degrees in Iranian universities varies from $400 to $2,000 per semester.

C) The tuition and accommodation fees of international scholarship students are paid by the student affairs organization to the university where they study as follows:

1) Scholarship students have a single dormitory and health insurance for free.

2) Students’ tuition fees are the responsibility of the Student Affairs Organization.

3) The cost of the Farsi language training course for all admitted students is free for only one time, and in case of failure, the student will be required to repeat the course by paying the tuition fee.

4) Due to the limitations of universities in assigning married dormitories, the university has no obligation to provide dormitories for married students. In case of accommodation of the student at his own expense, the student can benefit from the housing deposit loan.

5) Fifty percent of the round-trip ticket cost (once during the study period) will be paid to international scholarship students.

6) General condition of acceptance: The maximum age of applicants is explained in this table.


Educational level Maximum age
Associate and Bachelor 21 years
Master 26 years
PhD 31 years
Short-term research opportunity

7) Scientific condition of acceptance


Educational level Minimum GPA from 20
Bachelor 14
Master in engineering and basic science 14
Master in other fields 15
PhD in non-medical sciences 16
PhD in medical and paramedical sciences 16


D) Required documents:

A passport photo with at least 6-month validity

A copy of the academic degree and certified and translated transcripts;

Complete the application form (attached)

2 color photos of applicant with the size of 30×40 mm

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