Science and Technology Parks in Iran

There are a total of 42 Science and Technology Parks and 186 Incubators across the country. Further information of which can be found in their English Websites of couple of Iranian ST Parks below:e

Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT), as a pioneering organization, is a combination of many Science Parks and Incubators in 520 ha of land, located next to the Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) in the North of Isfahan, IRAN. The town started its official operations in 2000 and includes Science Parks, Pre-incubator, and Incubators.
As provisioned in ISTT`s master plan, it is an environment where different elements such as research centers, manufacturing and service companies, and R&D units of government organizations and/or industrial units have been conglomerated into a vast town.

Pardis Technology Park (PTP) as the region’s paradise of technology, under the auspices of Vice-Presidency for science and technology and a fourteen-entity Board of Trustees comprising of corporate and real bodies from ministries, science centers and academies, headed by the First Vice President, pursuing the goals of commercialization of the research results and, establishing sustainable ties between University and Industry, is located in a now 60 hectares area, in three phases, (expandable to 1000 hectares) at 20 km distance to the northeast vicinity of Tehran.

East Azarbaijan Science & Technology Park (EASTP) was founded in the year 2003. It is located in Tabriz, Capital of East Azarbaijan province, Islamic Republic of Iran.
Tabriz is one of the countrys largest cities and an industrial pole, situated on the silky way, near the border, functioning as a gate to Europe and Middle Eastern countries. There are many universities, as well as numerous industrial centres, making it a worthwhile site for a science park.
On June 3rd 2003 East Park became a member of IASP. IASP (International Association of Science Parks) established in 1984- is located in Spain. It consists members from 73 different countries from all over the word .East Azarbaijan Science & Technology Park is now a full member of IASP (2008).

Fars Science and Technology Park (FSTP),authorized by the “Ministry of Science,Research and Technology”,officially started its operation in 2002 to create appropriate infrastructures for technology development. FSTP encompasses three incubator centers and a multi-tenant building for entrepreneur companies (graduated companies from incubators) in 20 ha of land,North-West of Shiraz city,along with eight affiliated centers in different cities of Fars province. FSTP provides an appropriate environment for professional presence of small and medium technical companies and their research and development offices run by innovators. The major goal of FSTP is to constructively and effectively connect companies,universities,research centers,and large industries which are actively engaged in innovative technologies. FSTP also tries to create job opportunities for university graduates and researchers and to provide internship opportunities.

YAZD city, at the center of Iran, benefiting from advantages and unique potentials, has played a significant role in the history of Persian civilization. The cultural & historical records, high rate of literacy, strong human resource potentials, high volume of academic and research activities, tourism attractions, active mines and industries as the greatest economic

section of the province, being located at the connective road between north and south as well as east and west cross-section and climate diversity are among YAZD main advantages.