Kenya Marks International Quds Day 2024
#kenya hosted the International Quds Day Conference in solid Solidarity with the Palestinians during the World’s Quds Day that was initiated with #imamkhomeini.
All the speakers at the event held at Sir Ali Muslim Club were in support of the rights of the Palestinian people under occupation, in ending the occupation, stopping the brutal crimes of the Zionists in the Holy al-Quds and other occupied regions in #palestine , and in putting an end to the aggressive and escalating actions of the Zionists in the region.
As the International Quds Day (the 5th of April 2024) draws near, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iranemphasises the continuation of the principled and constant policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in supporting the liberation struggles and legitimate resistance of the Palestinian nation and the necessity of effective, comprehensive, and deterrent counteraction against the crimes of the occupying and child-killing Zionist regime and calls on all Muslim governments and nations and the freedom- and truth-seekers of the world to stand in unity and solidarity so as to confront this ‘cancerous tumour’ and disruptor of regional and international stability and security and to provide real and practical aid and support to the oppressed Palestinian people.