Iran Cultural Centre Nairobi to Collaborate with the Kenya Cultural Centre
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In a bid to foster cultural exchange and bolster artistic endeavors, a momentous meeting took place between Dr. Pourmarjan, the esteemed Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of IR of Iran, and Mr. Michael Pundo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Cultural Centre (KCC). The meeting, held in Nairobi, Kenya, delved into avenues for mutual collaboration aimed at enriching the artistic landscapes of both nations.

The Kenya Cultural Centre, a venerable institution with a legacy dating back to 1952, serves as a vital hub for cultural expression and artistic engagement in Kenya. Under its mandate, the center provides a platform for music, drama, dance, visual arts, and intellectual discourse, catering to the diverse interests of the Kenyan populace.

During the discussions, both parties explored various facets of collaboration, including capacity-building initiatives for artists, workshops, and the exchange of knowledge facilitated by theater experts. A pivotal point of deliberation was the proposal for theater scholarships, aimed at nurturing Kenyan talent and fostering international cultural exchange.

Furthermore, the meeting underscored the potential for the export of theatrical productions between Kenya and Iran, offering artists from both nations the opportunity to showcase their creativity on international stages. This exchange is poised to not only enrich the cultural tapestry of both countries but also to foster greater understanding and appreciation of each other’s artistic traditions.

In a spirit of commitment to the shared vision of cultural enrichment, Dr. Pourmarjan and Mr. Michael Pundo resolved to convene follow-up meetings to translate the resolutions of the initial dialogue into tangible action plans. Through sustained collaboration and synergy, they aim to catalyze a vibrant exchange of artistic expression that transcends borders and enriches the lives of citizens in both Kenya and Iran.