Why Do We Need the Haj Qassem School of Thought?
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 Let’s know the School of General Soleimani. This will help make it a story to learn from. The School of Soleimani is a practical and intellectual school of mysticism. School is a set of awareness and practical solutions. Many human concepts such as altruism cannot be understood through verbal description but then become understandable when exemplified.

In the obvious religion of Islam, there is a hadith to the effect that you should call people with your own action. Nothing is as knowledge generative as action. In many cases, an action should be done first so that its associated concept can be understood.

We need Soleimani School. The school of Shiism was the origin of the Imam Khomeini School. And Imam Khomeini, in turn, became the origin of the Islamic Revolution. Now we need Soleimani School to better understand the Islamic Revolution. We can see the objective and practical manifestation of Imam Khomeini School and the Islamic Revolution in the School of Soleimani.

General Soleimani was the best figure who carried out what was articulated in the school of Iman Khomeini. Why should we consider General Soleimani as possessing a school of thought? He is someone who succeeded practically and his behavior was replete with wisdom and right ascertainment. And in all human societies, scientists are in need of observing and studying these accurate and rightful practical cases, which cannot be found in any books or bookstore; hence the emergence of the need for various freedom-seeking societies to study the School of Soleimani.