Hazrat Zahra (as), leader of all the women of the world
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Dec. 27 (MNA) – Today marks the martyrdom of the Lady of the Women of the Worlds, the beloved daughter of the Messenger, the wife of the Commander of the Faithful, and the mother of the infallible imams, Fatima al-Zahra (SA).

Hazrat Fatima, the only daughter of the Holy prophet of Islam, was born in Mecca on the 20th of Jumadi al-Thani 18 BH. The good and noble lady Khadijah and the apostle of Allah bestowed all their natural love, care, and devotion on their lovable and only child Fatima, who in her turn was extremely fond of her parents.

She was raised in the prophetic school of her father Muhammad (PBUH) and the loving lap of her mother Khadijah (RA). Since childhood, she witnessed the sufferings of her father and was always at his side to help him.

Muhammad, the Messenger of God, gave the utmost attention to the education and upbringing of his daughter. If he was the ideal for all men, his daughter had to be the ideal for all women, and she was. He made her the ideal of womanhood in Islam. She was the personification of devotion and obedience to the Creator, and she was the embodiment of all heavenly purity and saintliness. In character and personality, she bore a most striking resemblance to her father. Fatima, the daughter, was the image of Muhammad, the father.

Hazrat Fatima (as) was given the title of Az-Zahra’, meaning the glowing and radiant one, and was also known as Umm Abiha, meaning the mother of her father, in reference to the way she cared for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), especially ever since her mother passed away.

Some of her other titles are Seddiqeh, Tahereh, Mobarakeh, Batool, Razieh, and Marzieh.