Five Iranian films competing in Cinema d’iDEA women’s festival
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 Five Iranian movies are competing in the 6th edition of Cinema d’iDEA, a women’s international film festival currently underway in Rome, Italy.

“Prestige”, “Woodgirls – A Duet for a Dream”, “Radiograph of a Family”, “The Choice” and “Bewitchment” are being screened in the different categories of the festival, which will run until July 1.

Directed by Zahra Ahui, “Prestige” is about Mahsa Bayat, a TV host who faces a challenge in a live program that places her in a dilemma of choosing between work and personal interest.

In “Woodgirls”, documentarian Azadeh Bizargiti tells the unique story of Leila Avakh and Sediqeh Momennia, as they follow their dream of opening a carpentry workshop run by women for women.

With much love and passion, Leila and Sediqeh have chosen a profession that is considered extremely masculine in the traditional societies of West Asia. They are some of Iran’s first female carpenters. Licenses and formal training in such trades are unavailable for women.

Winner of the grand jury prize in the documentary competition of the 48th Seattle International Film Festival, “Radiograph of a Family” is a co-production of Iran, Switzerland and Norway.

In the film, Khosrovani investigates her parents’ unusual marriage in this documentary steeped in bittersweet history. Hossein, a radiologist, is secular and sophisticated, while his young bride Tayi is a devout Muslim, shocked by her new husband’s Western tastes.

Khosrovani creates a poetic portrait of a fraught but loving relationship set against 1960s Switzerland and revolutionary-era Iran using family photos, other archival materials, recreated and imagined dialogue, and the geographical dimensions of her childhood home.

The documentary “The Choice” directed by Mansureh Radfar is about a pregnant woman close to her delivery time who learns that she has no choice regarding the Caesarian section or natural delivery. Based on the nationwide regulations in Iran, despite her desire, she has to choose the natural delivery.

“Bewitchment” by Masumeh Kiani will be screened in the documentary section of the festival categories

Cinema d’iDEA is a Festival for women directors only. The organizers intend to give visibility to women because they believe there are too few women directors in the world.

Photo: “Woodgirls – A Duet for a Dream” by Azadeh Bizargiti.