Quds Day manifests humanity and sacred resistance
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The World Quds Day coincides with the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan. It was designated as Quds Day on 7 August 1979 on the initiative of Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace) to support the Palestinian cause and nation and mark a new stage of solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Therefore, the Qods Day is a unique manifestation of unity among Muslims and all the world’s freedom seekers in expressing support for Palestine and disgust for the usurper Zionists; it also illustrates an unparalleled portrayal of unity among the people of the world to condemn the atrocities and occupation of the Zionist regime and abhor the racist and inhuman nature of the Zionists; the Quds Day also symbolizes resistance. Undoubtedly, the establishment of the illegitimate and forged Zionist entity has become the prime element of instability and insecurity in West Asia since 1948.

The tyrannized and resilient people of Palestine have risen up with the support of the Muslims and free peoples of the world, with a chain of Palestinian intifadas, against this massive oppression by the Zionist regime and have frustrated and depressed this forged entity.
During these years, the issue of Palestine has transformed into the main issue of the Muslim world at least for three reasons. First, the complexion of the Palestinian land, its sanctity and status among the followers of Islam. Second, the nature of the hostility of Zionists, their religious and historical claims, and their expansionist and occupationist spirit; third, the nature of Western-Zionist coalition which pursues to weaken the Muslim Ummah and generate dissension and split between the Muslims with the hope that Muslim states remain dependent and reliant on the big powers.

The Zionist regime is considered as the violator of fundamental rights including the right to self-determination of Palestinians and the main element of permanent insecurity in the region. There are many reasons to believe so; the Zionist regime breaches the international law and regulations as well as human rights and takes mad actions such as imposing collective punishment, blockading Gaza, completing the West Bank separation wall and evicting and displacing more than 5.7 million Palestinians; the Zionist regime assassinates Palestinian and other Arab and Muslim commanders and soldiers, destroys Palestinian houses and farmlands, Judaizes the al-Quds, and promotes and continues settlement constructions in occupied territories; Zionists enforce curfew on the Palestinian citizens of al-Quds and revoke the identification and permanent residence cards of Palestinians (in violation of international rules and agreements especially Article 43 of the Hague Convention and the Fourth Geneva Convention); moreover, the Zionist regime adopted the “nation-state of the Jewish people” bill in Knesset in 2018 and is separating the Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza.

While the criminal and occupation-oriented logic of the kid-killer Zionist regime in the past seven decades has produced nothing but the continuation of occupation, murder, racism and dissension in the region, we regretfully are witnessing that a number of Muslim states have closed their eyes on the persistent crimes of the Zionist regime and have fallen into the trap of the Western-Zionist axis and have committed a historical but reversible and amendable mistake. Unfortunately, normalization of relations of some Arab and Muslim states with the Quds-occupying regime has emboldened the Zionists to expand their hostility. The recent desecration and atrocities of the Zionists in al-Aqsa Mosque testify to such emboldening. The satanic Western-Zionist conspiracy aims to hatch differences among the Muslims and has undoubtedly targeted the unity and solidarity of the Muslim world in supporting Palestine.

The Zionist regime is regarded as the main source of insecurity and threat to regional and international peace and stability and represents the biggest violator of human rights in the world. The Quds-occupying regime is the only regime in the region which owns tens of nuclear warheads and avoids joining the International Atomic Energy Agency and related safeguards. Against this reality, the West and self-proclaimed Western defenders of human rights, in the past years, have continued military-political supports to the Zionist regime without any restriction. For example, we see how Americans, with double standards, veto resolutions against this regime in the United Nations, Human Rights Council, UNESCO and other international organizations. Washington has used its veto power at least 40 times to secure the interests of the Zionist regime. This per se suggests the sort of bias and partisan orientation of the Western policies in support of the Zionist regime and ignoring the fundamental rights of the Palestinians. The international community shoulders a heavy responsibility in this connection and must end its long-term silence and inaction and guarantee the termination of occupation and realization of the right to self-determination and human rights for the people of Palestine.

The “Saif al-Quds (Sword of al-Quds) Operation” in support of the al-Aqsa Mosque dealt a massive blow to the forged Israeli regime. In particular, this stage is a new beginning for the unity of Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, Occupied Territories of 1948, Palestinian camps and all the Palestinians across the globe.

Zionist occupiers and their global advocates must know that the determination of resistance will never be tremulous and Islamic and national resistance will continue to exist in various types and forms to support the suppressed people of Palestine. Without doubt, Islamic resistance against the Zionist occupation and diversion in occupied territories, Lebanon, Syria and other Muslim states would pave the grounds for terminating this diversion and purulent gland. As the “Saif al-Quds Operation” indicated, the capacity and capabilities of the Palestinian resistance are strengthening on a daily basis.

I would like to commemorate the memory of the dignified martyred leaders of resistance such as the great general of resistance and liberation of the holy Quds, Haj Qassem Soleimani, who made continued efforts and wise decisions to fertilize the plant of resistance in so eloquent manner that the resistance movement now constitutes the main pillar of and is pioneer in all effective actions against Zionism and in support of the oppressed.

The Islamic Republic of Iran would spare no efforts, like the past, in supporting the legitimate and usurped rights of the Palestinian nation. On the basis of the political and democratic plan registered by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Secretariate of the United Nations, the settlement of the issue of Palestine would be possible only through ending occupation and holding a referendum with the presence of the main inhabitants of the land of Palestine and all refugees to determine their own destiny. The return of Palestinian refugees to their motherland and holding a national referendum among the original people of this land to shape their destiny and the type of political system is the most effective solution to resolve this crisis. Based on this proposal, Muslims, Jews and Christians of Palestinian descent should be bale to choose the type of legal system that is going to govern their destiny and benefit from its rights freely and equally. This plan, which has been presented based on the principles of democracy and international law as recognized by all governments and nations, could definitely replace the previous failed schemes.

In conclusion, I would like to ask all the people of Iran and other Muslims in the world as well as freedom seekers and awakened consciences to participate gloriously in the ceremonies and rallies across the globe to mark the World Quds Day to commemorate this great day and express solidarity with the suppressed people of Palestine.