Iran embassy awards cartoon festival winners on Silencing Guns in Africa
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The Embassy of Iran on Tuesday marked International Day of Peace by awarding artists who participated and won in the World Cartoon Festival on Silencing the Guns in Africa.

The festival seeks to use art to create awareness about the Africa Union’s initiative to achieve a conflict-free Africa, prevent genocide, make peace a reality for all and rid the continent of wars.

The third position in the regional category was taken by Andala Boniface Okumu (prize money $200) , second position by Edwin Eric Njue ($300) while the winner was Samuel Muigai aka Igah ($400).

The winners globally were Michael Gomez from Cuba (third position) receiving $2,000, Ares also from Cuba (second position) who got $3,000, while the winner was Carlo Gomez from Brazil, taking home $4,000

The artwork was showcased at an exhibition after the award ceremony and will be available for viewing at the Iran House of Innovation and Technology in Nairobi.

“This festival will certainly contribute immensely towards creating awareness and reducing incidents of illegal firearms on the continent of Africa,” Maddo said.

Iran Ambassador to Kenya Jafar Barmaki said through the festival, the embassy  seeks to accelerate calls to action by assimilating 2020 and 2021 themes in culture and heritage while fast-tracking and silencing the guns in Africa.

Ambassador Barmaki noted that while guns are supposed to protect, they can turn lethal as has been the case in various parts of the world and recently in Kenya.

“At least 1,000 people die each day from gunshot wounds and three times as many are left with severe injuries. If the deaths, injuries and disabilities resulting from small arms were categorised as a disease, it would qualify as an epidemic”.