Iran to celebrate World Tourism Day in five provinces
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The celebration of World Tourism Day (September 27) will be held from September 28 to October 3, in five Iranian provinces of Ardebil, Kurdestan, Kermanshah, Kerman and Fars, as representatives of the new and traditional tourism routes of the country, Iran’s Deputy Tourism Minister Vali Teymouri said.

According to IRNA, Ardebil Province on September 28, Kurdestan and Kermanshah provinces jointly in Cultural Landscape of Uramanat on September 28, Kerman Province on October 2 and Fars Province on October 3, will host the most important tourism events in the country, he added.

Explaining the policies and programs for World Tourism Day, Teymouri said, “The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts has been recently trying to use significant events to introduce lesser known areas and attract the attention of local authorities and people to highlight the tourism industry in a particular province or city.”

He explained, “In this regard, the selection of Ardebil, Kermanshah and Kurdestan provinces is in the framework of the policy of defining a new tourism route in the northwest of the country,” adding that registration of the Cultural Landscape of Uramanat in UNESCO’s World Heritage List will significantly influence tourism in this region.

“On the other hand, the provinces of Kerman and Fars are located along the traditional and historical tourism route of the country and they need to receive attention along with the new routes.”

Referring to the slogan of World Tourism Day in 2021, Teymouri said, “This year, the World Tourism Organization has chosen the slogan of ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth,’ and selection of the five Iranian provinces will target this objective.”

He concluded that in addition to national programs in the five provinces, separate programs and ceremonies will be held in other Iranian provinces.