The 34th International Film Festival for Children & Youth will be held from October 8th to 13th, 2021, with the participation of the Iran Cinema Organization, Farabi Cinematic Foundation, and Isfahan Municipality in the categories of feature-length films, short films, animations and web series.

Deadline for master copy submission after official selection announced until September 21st, 2021.

In order to promote cultural justice in the country, also with the consent of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, the festival secretariat can screen the films of this cultural event at the request of the General Departments and offices of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in any of the applicant provinces.

Considering the continuation of the global outbreak of Covid-19 in interaction with the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, this edition of the festival will be held in-person and online, simultaneously in Tehran and Isfahan in a competitive format in both national and international sections. Prizes will be awarded to the winners as follows:

Iranian Cinema Competition

* In this section, only those series of films and works that have the ability to attract children and young adults in terms of content and narrative style will be accepted.

* It should be noted; in this section, the Golden Butterfly, a plaque, and a cash prize will be awarded to the winners; also in this edition, “Special Secretary Award” and “Webster Award” will be awarded to the selected works.

1) The Golden Butterfly of the best film (including animation, live and puppet) to the producer

2) Golden Butterfly of the Best Director

3) Golden Butterfly for the best feature film (to the Director)

4) Golden Butterfly of Best Screenplay (Original and Adapted)

5) Golden Butterfly of Best Actor/ Actress

6) Golden Butterfly for the best technical or artistic achievement

7) Golden Butterfly of Special Award of the Jury Board

8) Behnam Mohammadi Martyr Award (to the Director)

9) Zaven Ghokasian Award (to the Director)

10) Golden Butterfly of Best Short Fiction Film (to the Director)) (3 to 20 minutes)

11) Golden Butterfly of the Best Short Animation (to the Director)) (3 to 20 minutes)

12) Golden Butterfly of the Best Film from children and young adults jury board

International Section Competition:

In this section, the series of works of international cinema that are in line with Iranian Islamic culture is selected based on the specialized opinions of cineastes. It should be noted that three prominent Iranian films also compete with other works.

The jury board consisting of cultural characters and cineastes will award the following prizes:

1) The best film (including animation, live and puppet) to the producer

2) Best Director

3) Best Screenplay (Adapted / Original)

4) Best Actor /Actress

5) The best technical or artistic achievement

6) Special jury award

7) Best Short Fiction Film (to the Director) (3 to 20 minutes)

8) The best Short Animation (to the Director) (3 to 20 minutes)

9) Cifej Award (to the Director)

10) UNICEF Award (to Director)

Festival Rules and Regulations:

1) Selecting the films, whether Iranian or international, is done by the festival headquarters.

2) It should be noted that films will be allowed to participate in this course that has not applied for participation in the festival in previous editions. (Films not accepted in previous editions will not be able to participate in this edition.)

3) All films will be classified for screening in two age groups: children (6 to 9 years old) and young adults (10 to 15 years old).

4) the time duration of the films to attend the festival must have the following conditions:

– Short films, whether real or animated (minimum 3 and maximum 20 minutes)

– Real feature film (at least 75 minutes)

– Long animated film (at least 70 minutes)

5) the date of production of Iranian films must be from 2019 onwards and international films from 2020.

6) It is necessary to submit a copy and the original license of Iranian films.

7) Taking into account the conditions and requirements of the time, the necessary decisions regarding the festival’s details will be announced by the Secretariat.

Sending Films to the Festival:

1) To submit the original version, applicants must first register on the festival website at and enter the relevant film as a link; Or send a copy of the film as a DVD (Flash memory-Blu-Ray or external hard drive) to the festival secretariat.

It should be noted that if the producers have problems registering in the festival system, they can call 09386502824.

2) It is mandatory to provide a personal photo and a director’s note about the film, biography, filmography, a few photos of the film, posters, brochures, tracts (trailers or a maximum of three minutes of the film).

3) Iranian films accepted in the international section will be required to submit a subtitle (English).

4) The deadline for registration in the festival and presentation of the film (whether Iranian or international) will be August 22nd, 2021.

5) The deadline to deliver the original version of the accepted film is September 21st, 2021.

6) To respect the audience, if the final version is not submitted on the deadline, the festival secretariat will exclude the film from all announced programs.

7) Planning the screening of accepted films is the responsibility of the festival secretariat.

8) Registration and delivery of the film are considered fully accepted by the rules and regulations of film screening in Iran.

9) Information is provided only through the public relations of the festival.

10) Interpretation and making the final decision on unforeseen cases is the responsibility of the festival secretary.

The rules are set in three languages: English, Arabic, and Persian, and in interpreting and explaining the rules, the Persian version will be the standard of judgment.

Applicants for participation in the festival for registration and more information can refer to the secretariat system at or call +98 (21) 66708155 – 66739514 in Tehran and +98 (31) 32225535 in Isfahan.