Iranian students shine at International Olympiad in Informatics
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The national team of Iran won one gold and three silver medals at the 33rd International Olympiad in Informatics, which was held virtually from 19 to 25 June in Singapore.

Alireza Keshavarz grabbed the gold medal, while Alireza Kaviani, Ali Safari, and Ali Shah-Ali gained the silver medals, ISNA reported.

A total of 28 students participated in international Olympiads over the past year (March 2020-March 2021), winning 27 medals and one honorary diploma.

Last year, two international Olympiads of physics and geography were not held due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, but other Olympiads of mathematics, biology, computers, and chemistry and astronomy were held.

Six students participated in International Mathematical Olympiad, and International Biology Olympiad, Chemistry Olympiad, computer Olympiad each hosted 4 Iranian students, while 10 students from Iran attended the Astronomy Olympiad.

Among the 28 students participating in the international competitions, seven won world gold medals, eleven grabbed silver, and nine won bronze medals and one student gained an honorary diploma.

Some 541 students participated in the national summer competition last year, of whom 507 were awarded national medals.

Most recently, Iranian students won 44 medals in the Indonesia International Applied Science Olympiad and the South Korea science and engineering competition in December 2020.

Other students won colorful medals at the 2020 South African science and invention festival, which was held virtually on November 28-December 5.

The students also grabbed 8 colorful medals at the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA), according to the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents.

Also, the students grabbed four medals at the 31st International Biology Olympiad (IBO 2020) which took place in Nagasaki, Japan on July 3-11.

The team of Iranian students won six colorful medals at the 61st International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO 2020), putting the country in 18th place. Held on September 21-22, IMO 2020 was hosted by Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The country’s team also snatched 4 medals at the 52nd International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO 2020) held in Turkey from July 6 to 15.

Moreover, Iran finished fourth winning three gold medals and a silver medal at the 32nd International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2020) which was held in Singapore from September 13 to 19.

The students also won gold and silver medals at the Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPITEx 2020) which was held on February 2-6 in Bangkok, Thailand.