Rouhani says Iran ready to share experiences in Coronavirus fight
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President Hassan Rouhani of Iran announced on Tuesday that Iran is ready to share its experiences with regional countries, including members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), in “combating COVID-19”.

“In order to counter the shared challenges of COVID-19 pandemic, it is urgent that SCO member states, in coordination with the UN and WHO, proceed to adopt a coherent and unified approach whereby they should ensure the full, free and equitable access of all regional and global populations to healthcare services and medical equipment intended for better combat against the disease,” Rouhani told the summit of the SCO leaders through a videoconference, according to the

“To this end and for improving on their conditions, the Islamic Republic of Iran provided some regional countries with humanitarian aid. We also register our readiness to share with other member states our experiences in combating COVID-19,” Rouhani stated.

Rouhani also pointed to the result of the U.S. presidential elections in which sitting president Donald Trump lost to his Democratic rival Joe Biden, saying the vote showed that “the world is not alone in opposing the wrong policies of the incumbent U.S. administration.”

He added, “Now the field is clear for new U.S. elected leaders to grasp the message of their people and translate this determination for change into their foreign policies and their ties with other countries and states.

Rouhani called on the incoming U.S. administration to embrace international law, honor its obligations and make up for the losses that the Trump administration incurred on other countries.

“Re-embracing adherence to recognized international laws, regulations and obligations, honouring other nations’ rights and compensating the losses incurred are prerequisites to healing the U.S. credibility across the world.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the president said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has invariably emphasized its principled policy of strengthening good neighborliness, confidence-building and dialogue with its neighbors in such regions as Eurasia, the Persian Gulf and West and South Asia.”