The 6th International Arbaeen Competition 2020
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With regard to the unique and valuable spiritual capacity of Arbaeen (forty days after martyrdom) of Lord of the World’s martyrs, Imam Hussein (AS), which is accompanied with the rally of millions of his lovers from all over the world, Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) in 2014 decided to hold an infra-national event, with the aim of reflecting manifestations of this international religious event in a proper way to the world. Therefore, the first Arbaeen International Award, focusing on photos, was held in this year for the first time in Iran and the world.

In response to the big welcome of Imam Hussein’s pilgrims from this award, the next courses of this international award were held in greater dimension including both photos and videos works. Relying on the Almighty God’s help, the 6th course of Arbaeen International Award will be held in 2020 with three parts: videos, photos and travelogues.