The Shiʿa Intensive Course

Shi’i Islam, with its rich and extensive history, has played a crucial role in the evolution of Islam as both a major faith and a civilization. Shi’a Muslims account for approximately 15 percent of the total Muslim population in the world; Shi’ism has the greatest influence in the contemporary Iran where the Shia Islam is the official state religion, to which more than 90 percent of the population adhere.

Organized by the University of Religions and Denominations, the Shi’a Intensive Course endeavors to enhance scholarly attention to Shi’a Islam and offer an original and insightful understanding of its history, doctrines, and practices. Combining the classical Shi’ite thought and the current political, social, and religious concerns of Shi’ite society in Iran, this program aims to offer scholarly perspectives on challenging issues that affect contemporary Iran.

The Shiʿa Intensive Course gives you the chance to develop your knowledge, expand your international experience, and study unique and interesting subjects focusing on Shi’ism, Islam, and Iran. The course provides 28 hours of specialized lectures by experts of the field (along with Q & A sessions and free discussion) per week.

Taking part in URD’s Shiʿa Intensive Course is the perfect way to enjoy one of the world’s most unique cities, Qom. Our social programs let you experience the best of the city, while our class schedule provides plenty of opportunities to explore Shi’a Islam in Iran. You could even opt for an extra 3-day cultural tour to truly immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere that Iran has to offer.

This program is accredited by the University of Religions and Denominations. Participants will attend pre-planned workshops and lectures presented in English, and a special certificate will be awarded to each participant upon successful completion and meeting program requirements.

Application Process

The Shi’a Intensive Course is open to scholars, professors, and students from all around the world. The program is designed for academics and professionals from various academic background, who are interested in expanding their understanding of Islam, Shiism, and Iran. Individuals from a wide range of academic and/or professional interests are welcome to apply.

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit online application form.
  2. Upload your CV and a scanned copy of your passport via the course website or email. Please make sure that the documents are clearly labeled with your name.
  3. An email will be sent to confirm the receipt of your application and you will be prompted to provide any remained information/document.
  4. If your application meets our requirements, you will be issued with a conditional offer of a place upon the course.
  5. In order to accept this offer, you will be required to provide a deposit payment of €80. The deposit payment will be counted towards your Intensive Course package payment.
  6. If you wish to be allocated a place during our first allocation round, please ensure that your deposit is received no later than early registration deadline.
  7. As soon as we receive the deposit, you will be issued with an unconditional offer to participate in the Shi’a Intensive Course, and, shortly after, you will be invoiced for the balance of your fees.
  8. Full payment will be received at your arrival in Iran in cash.