Milad un Nabi Celebration in Riruta

Milad-e-Nabi has been an annual event of pride and joy for the Riruta Muslim Ahlul Bayt  community, where Muslim Men and women from all sects and ethnic communities come together to celebrate Milad and reflect on the Life and Teachings of Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) and refresh their understanding and practice of Faith, Peace and Harmony.

This year the community converged at the Ahlul- Bayt Madrassa in Riruta to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

The Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran graced the occasion with his speech on Unity and Islanmic Brotherhood.

Below is the excerpt of part  his speech

Imam Khomeini, and after him Ayatollah Khamenei, both as humble servants of the Prophet and the Infallible Imams, have always regarded Islamic unity to be paramount. For this reason, the Late Imam, first unified the different groups in Iran, and after creating national unity in order to defeat the plots of the western and eastern neo-colonialist powers, he strove to foster Islamic unity at the regional and international levels. By reviving the genuine teachings of Islam and implementing them in society, the Imam strengthened unity and the society’s culture and beliefs. By adhering to God’s commandments in the holy Qur’an, Imam Khomeini called on the leaders of Muslim states to close ranks in the general interests of the Islamic World in order to defeat the designs of the neocolonialists.

Today, Ayatollah Khamenei spares no effort to promote this brainchild of the Late Imam. He says since as monotheists we believe in One God, one Last and Greatest Prophet, one remarkably preserved heavenly scripture, and bow during the daily prayers towards the same focal point, the holy Ka’ba, we Muslims ought to be one solid ummah.

It is now time for world Muslims, irrespective of the school of jurisprudence they follow, to set aside trivial differences and hold fast to the ethereal teachings of the holy Qur’an. The Prophet’s birth anniversary and the Islamic Unity Week afford us the opportunity to solidify ranks in order to rid societies from the hegemony of the enemies of Islam