Eid Ghadir Celebration Nairobi 2018

Muslims Gathered at Parkroad Shia Mosque Nairobi on the 2nd of September 2018 for the Eid Ghadir Celebration.
Prominent Scholars that included Sh. Salim Mwega, Sh. Omar Mwamtunza, Sh. Mahdi Kassim, Sh. Suleiman Chitala and the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Iran gave splendid speeches on Ghadir and the events of Ghadir.Shia Muslims in accordance with the Quran believe that Imamate and wilaya is one of the most important principles in Islam.

Below is part of the Cultural Counselor Speech:-

Even if a Muslim believes in Allah, Prophethood and the day of Qiyamah without the belief in Imamate, his faith and belief in Islam is not complete and perfect.

The main wayto success in this World and the next world is by taking the rope of Wilayah because the Imams (A.S.) are the HablulMateen (strong rope) and UrwatulWuthqa (strongest handle)

We the Ahlul Bayt believes that Wilayah is a Divine post in which Allah appoints whoever He chooses from among His upright men, to undertake the critical role, of leading the Islamic Ummah to the righteous path and to guard the divine Law.

In today’s world Imam Khamenei is the symbol and true model of Wilayah.He is a sincere and true follower of Amir al-Mu’mininImam Ali (a.s).

Imam Khamenei is a source of honor for the Iranian nation and the Muslim Ummah in general.He is a veryknowledgeable man, full of Taqwa and true ambassador of Islamic leadership.

I remember the words of the late Imam Khomeini when he described our supreme leader Ayatullah Khamenei, he said,

“If you think that you can find, in the whole world, among the presidents, sultans and such, someone like Sayed Khamenei, who is committed to true Islam, one who is always willing and ready to serve Muslim Ummah, you will not find such person in the whole world.

Iranians today, are living under his wise leadership, and as we can see Iran is growing strong every day despite many challenges. It proves that the choice of having him as the supreme leader is the right choice not only for Iran but for all Muslims.

Islam’s prescription for leadership is to follow the model of Imam Ali’s (A.S.) government which was true and just government.

But unfortunately in the world today, there has been a lot of injustice and oppression; many nations have no respect for human rights.

Most of our world leaders accepts bribe or makes illegal use of public money (baytulMaal), and feels no responsibility toward guiding the society.

We must all consider Imam Ali as the best example of leadership because when it comes to leadership of the Islamic society, nobody can achieve the unique peak of the AmeerulMumeneeen Imam Ali (AS), which means even the greatest personalities in the history of Islam, are merely like sunlight rays when compared with the brilliant sun that is Imam Ali (AS)

Once again Happy EidGhadir to All of You.