The First Conference on Iran-Africa Cultural Dialogues
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In order to examine common cultural values, identify the existing capacities of intellectual and cultural interactions, strengthen historical bonds between Iran and Africa and to confront the increasing threats of violence and extremism, the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization intends to hold the first “Conference on Iran-Africa Cultural Dialogues” in collaboration with scientific and cultural centers as well as prominent personalities and thinkers of Africa and Iran, on December 18-20, 2018 in Tehran.

Conference Themes & Sub-themes:

Existing Capacities for Cultural Cooperation and Convergence between Iran and Africa @Kha

  • Status of Iran and Africa in their reciprocal cultural diplomacy
  • Existing capacities in Iran – Africa cultural cooperation
  • Role of mysticism and spirituality in confronting extremism; Iranian and African experiences
  • Common historical and civilizational heritage
  • Prospects of cultural interaction between Iran and Africa
  • Iran-Africa historical and civilizational relations
  • Iran-Africa linguistic bonds
  • Existing capacities for tourism and cultural interactions
  • Historical background and future perspectives of Iran – Africa cultural relations
  • Examining obstacles and restrictive factors in the growth and expansion of Iran – Africa cultural relations
  • Status of Iran – Africa cultural relations in the legal and administrative capacities and structures of the two regionsScientific and Academic Capacities
  • History of Iran – Africa scientific relations
  • Mutual image of Iran and Africa of each other in educational resources in the last half century
  • Contribution of scientific and cultural elites to the development of Iran – Africa cultural cooperation
  • Existing capacities of Iranian and African universities for increased interaction and cooperation
  • Iranian and African studies in scientific and academic centers
  • Examining the existing capacities in Iran – Africa academic and scientific exchanges as well as in MOUs for developing cultural cooperation
  • Intellectual and religious interactions between Iran and Africa
  • Contribution of trade and economy to the expansion of scientific and cultural cooperation
  • Science, development and modernization; Iran and Africa case study
  • Role of Iran – Africa cooperation in the creation of civilization, as well as the development of sciences, historical experiences and future perspectives
  • Examining the position of science and technology in Iran and Africa and the existing capacities in these areas.Cultural Commonalities; Capacities And Opportunities
  • Tradition and modernity; Iranian and African experiences
  • Religion in the cultural and social systems of Iran and Africa
  • Discourse on justice and equality
  • Democracy and cultural pluralism
  • Cultural tolerance and peaceful coexistence
  • Media and its contribution to the development of Iran – Africa cultural cooperation
  • Women and youth; existing capacities for interaction and cooperation
  • Role of women and youth in cultural development; Iran and Africa experiences
  • Status of woman in the cultural and social systems of Iran and Africa
  • Contribution of education to bilateral cultural cooperation
  • Tolerance and non-violence in the cultural structures and religious institutions of Iran and Africa
  • Environment, tourism and cultural economic development


Honorable scholars are invited to submit the abstract of their papers to the following e-mail address by September 21, 2018 and the final version of the papers by October 22, 2018;


  • Center for Strategic Studies in Cultural Relations:
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Center for Strategic Studies in Cultural Relations, Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Imam Khomeini Complex, Resalat Exp., Tehran, Iran
  • Tel: +98 21 (88153338-88153394)


  • Secretariat for Africa Conference:
  • Email:
  • Address: Faculty of Human Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Jalal Al Ahmad Hwy, Tehran, Iran
  • Tel, Fax: +98 21 82884681