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The Noor school student competition is held annually as one of the MSTF’s events and aims to motivate students in the Islamic world to create new horizons in science and technology and help growth of brilliant talents.

The first round of the Noor school student competition; commemorating Ibn al-Haytham, was held in two stages in 2015, leading to production of 1600 one-minute scientific films by participants. In these two stages, 100 selected student teams were awarded in the closing ceremony. The subject of the 1st round was ‘light and its functions’.

The second round of the Noor school student competition, recognition of “Prof. Jackie Ying” was held in 2016 and resulted in the production of 2000 one-minute scientific films by students. During the closing ceremony, 100 selected student teams were awarded. The subject of the 2nd round was ‘conducting scientific experiments in various fields of science’.

In order to participate in the competition, students need to make 60-second films on their scientific experiments. The Noor school student competition; commemorating “Ibn al-Razaz al-Jazari” started in December last year. The subject of this round is ‘producing mechanical mechanisms and experiments on various fields of mechanics’.

Similar to the previous two rounds, broad scientific and technical guidelines as well as numerous examples and instances will be available on the scientific instruction pages of the Noor competition website to facilitate finding ideas and to help promote students’ activities. The scientific experiments are supposed to be on simple machines and mechanical mechanisms, friction, static, center of mass, inertia, rotational motion, center forces, propulsion, Newton’s laws, gravity, spring, momentum, mechanical energy and its transformations, pendulum, pressure and floating, pressure in solids, liquids and gases, Bernoulli law, fluids, oscillations, resonances, and mechanical waves.

Students in 2-3 member groups, by referring to, can send their scientific works in the form of 60-second films to the MSTF, from the 31st December 2017 to the 21st May  2018.

The evaluation criteria and assessment procedure of the submitted works will be presented on the competition website. In the 3rd round, top 100 teams’ achievements will be awarded with valuable gifts and a number of laboratory equipment will be offered to 10 research centers and 10 schools with highest contribution.