The 35th Anniversary of the sad demise of Imam Khomeini
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The Cultural Council of the Embassy of Iran Nairobi on Sunday 2nd June held a commemorative event at the Jaffery Islamic Centre Nairobi to mark the 35th Anniversary of the sad demise of Imam Khomeini.
The event was to pay tribute to “the architect of the Islamic Revolution”.
Imam Khomeini is remembered as the pioneer of a new era in Iran’s history. An era that put centuries of monarchy behind and upended the Shah’s domestic and foreign policies, replacing them with a political system that rules the country based on the motto of independence from the west.
Prominent Speakers gace a scintillating Speeches on the timeless legacy of this Immortal Figure.
The Speakers included Dr. Ali Gholampour the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kenya, Dr Ali Pourmarjan the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Iran Nairobi, Dr Kahumbi Maina the Lecturer of Philosophy and Religious Studies Kenyatta University among other distinguished speakers.
Below is the Summary of the Presentations by the Speakers: –
Presenter 1: Sh Ali Saidi Samoja – Cultural and Religious Reforms

 Sh Ali Saidi Samoja discussed Imam Khomeini’s profound efforts to realign Iranian society with Islamic principles. He highlighted the significant role of religion in public life and governance, emphasizing the promotion of Islamic values and cultural heritage.

Presenter 2: Sayyid Morteza Tabatabaei – Imam Khomeini’s Views on Education and Science

Sayyid Morteza Tabatabaei elaborated on Imam Khomeini’s strong emphasis on education and scientific advancement. He detailed the reforms implemented in the educational sector under Imam Khomeini’s leadership and their impact on the development of science and technology in Iran.

Presenter 3: Sis Nazneen Karim – Role of Women in Imam Khomeini’s Vision

Sis Nazneen Karim discussed Imam Khomeini’s perspective on women’s rights and their role in society, highlighting the contributions of women during and after the Islamic Revolution. She also addressed the current status of women’s rights in Iran and have an account of her experience in Iran.

Presenter 4: Dr. Kahumbi Maina – Imam Khomeini’s Influence on Global Islamic Movements

Dr. Kahumbi Maina explored how Imam Khomeini inspired Islamic movements worldwide, emphasizing the spread of his ideological influence beyond Iran. He presented case studies of specific movements or leaders influenced by Imam Khomeini.

Presenter 5: Sh. Zukheir – Youth and the Future of the Islamic Republic

Sh. Zukheir discussed Imam Khomeini’s vision for the youth and their role in the Islamic Republic. He examined current youth movements and their alignment with Imam Khomeini’s ideals, as well as future prospects for the younger generation in Iran.

Presenter 6: Sh Stambuli Abdillahi Nassir – Human Rights and Social Development

Sh Stambuli Abdillahi Nassir delved into Imam Khomeini’s perspective on human rights within an Islamic framework. He highlighted progress in social development since Imam Khomeini’s tenure.

Presenter 7: (H.E. Dr Ali Gholampour – Imapct of the legacy of Imam Khomeini (r.a)

H.E. Dr. Ali Gholampour, in his keynote address, delineated six pivotal impacts of Imam Khomeini’s legacy. Firstly, Imam Khomeini’s establishment of a divine political system replaced Iran’s monarchy, reshaping the nation’s political landscape significantly. Secondly, he fostered a spirit of resistance to imperialism, nurturing a sense of sovereignty and independence among Iranians. Thirdly, his steadfast support for the Palestinian cause became emblematic of his dedication to global justice and solidarity. Fourthly, Imam Khomeini introduced the concept of wilayat faqih, guiding the governance of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Additionally, he addressed crucial family and women’s issues, advocating for their rights within Islamic principles. Lastly, even 35 years after his passing, Imam Khomeini’s personal life continues to serve as a beacon of his enduring values, inspiring generations worldwide.

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