Iran Visit Department of Literature and Linguistic, University of Nairobi
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The third Secretary of the Embassy of Iran Madam Shima Saberi today 4th November 2021 met the Chair of the Department of Literature, Linguistic and Languages Prof. Jane Oduor at the University of Nairobi.
Madam Saberi said Iran and Kenya will be celebrating 50 years of mutual Diplomatic relations and since both nations have common relations regarding Persian and Swahili languages, the Embassy proposed Persian book translation competition.
Title of the book: “Good story for good Children”
This book demonstrates good morals and behavior for humanity. It is a collection of 8 books but only one or two books can be entered in the translation completion.
Embassy obligations
• Write a formal communication requesting the department to host the competition
• Provide the books
• Fund the competition that includes; prizes and honorarium for judges.
• Initiate collaboration between University of Nairobi and Tehran University Professors in charge of translations of Persian books
Department of Literature, Linguistics and languages obligations
• Host the translation competition
• Prepare call for translation for participants
• Provide professors as judges.
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