Conference on Roles of women in faith based action for peace at Tangaza University College
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Tangaza College in collaboration with Ummah University and other partners organized a one day Conference on the Role of Women in faith based action for Peace.

The event took place on Saturday 12th of January at the Tangaza University College.

The conference was attended not only by academicians and researchers, but also religious leaders, particularly Muslims and Christians, and activists of interreligious dialogue and peacebuilding.

The Conference was divided into five sub-themes: in

  • Explore women’s roles in CVE and PVE.
  • Investigate female(s’) spaces within faith-based peacebuilding.
  • Highlight women’s roles in conflict (Victims, peacemakers, perpetrators, invisibles, etc).
  • Pinpoint specific challenges and contributions of women in mediation, peacebuilding and reconciliation
  • Discuss female empowerment as part of interreligious dialogue.

The Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Majlesain graced the occasion with an opening remarks whereby he gave a talk on the rights and status of Women from the Islamic Perspective. He also talked about the position of Women in his home country Iran.

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