Al-Zahra University International Center for Teaching Persian to Non-Persian Speakers Refresher Course, Summer 2018

· General Persian courses help learners with their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills while promoting their effective use.

· Teaching Persian at this center is enhanced by multimedia tools and modern technological equipment.

· It is possible to offer private and intensive courses of general or specific Persian or one-skill-only courses on an on-demand basis.

· The graduates of these courses will receive valid certificates from Alzahra ICTP, which is officially certified by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

· The regular campus and virtual courses will proceed as usual during the summer according to the timetable provided in our website.

· The tuition fee is 2 dollars per hour for campus courses and 5 dollars per hour for virtual courses.

· In the case of having an interest in the Iranian culture and history, the applicants can also participate in ICTP cultural and recreational programs. More information about this program, including the tours and the related costs, is attached to this announcement.

course syllbus

Elementary Course


Required documents for registration:

1.The scanned copy of the last academic certificate/degree

2.The scanned portrait of the candidate (3*4 photo)

3.The scanned copy of passport

4.Filled-in registration form (for the applicants’ convenience, it is possible to fill in the registration form in Persian or English as they are both attached to the announcement.)

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Telegram: @ICTP-Alzahra