The Cultural Council of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Nairobi has organized an event on the occassion of Eid Ghadeer at the Parkroad Shia Mosque on Sunday on 2nd September 2018.

The issue of Ghadir is a very important issue in the history of Islam. First, the essence of this astonishing and important event and this holy statement – “Whomsoever’s Moula [leader] I am, Ali is also his Moula” – is not something that has been narrated by Shia only. This event is among clear and absolute truths. Those who wanted to find faults with this event did not cast doubts on the origin of this statement. Rather, they resorted to ta’weel and interpretation of this sentence.

During the function Audience will listen to Speeches on the Importance of Eid Ghadeer,and some tavashi from local Muslims.